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Mar 01, 2018
08:00 AM - 05:00 PM 

Advanced Narcotics Detection Seminar

San Angelo Police Department
San Angelo, TX
February 27 – March 1, 2018

The seminar will be open to Law Enforcement K-9 handlers and supervisors. The class will be open to up to 15 handler/dog teams. Spectators, including supervisors are welcome to attend. The class will comprise both classroom instruction and practical handling in scenario based problems. Advanced Detection will cover practical detection scenarios and problem solving all aspects of detector dog teams in narcotics detection.  This seminar will also include operations for searching warehouses, tractor trailers, checkpoints, and vehicle stops as training venues permit. Includes classroom and field work

                                                   Participants Will:


  • Learn to properly deploy their K9s in real-world scenarios.
  • Be challenged on hides of varying height, depth, weight and permeation times.
  • Prepare to perform above currently existing canine certification protocols.
  • Prepare for Scenario-based NTPDA type certifications
  • Learn techniques for more efficient deployment: free searching & scanning
  • Learn techniques through hide placement to create a more independent K9
  • Reduce the handler dependency of their k9 in difficult problems.
  • Learn how to set up training to extinct responses to distractor odors.
  • Learn how to set up maintenance training plans to improve performance
  • Improve final response behaviors: scratching or passive-stare to source.
  • Understand the difference between direct reward from source protocol and indirect reward protocols

Handler participating $300.

Spectator participating $100, shall not be pro-rated

Local Contact Information 

Joel Fincher: 325-212-3348 or

Sgt. Brian Gesch: 325-656-4960

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Mar 30, 2018
Admin Sergeant M. Stuart Retires

After 32 years, Intel Sgt. Stuart retired.