Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is designed to reduce crime, drugs, and gang activity on Apartment, Hotel & Motel properties. It is a joint effort between Property Management, residents and Law enforcement in reducing incidents within these communities.

The program utilizes an approach which ensures the crime prevention goal, while maintaining an approach which is customer oriented and friendly.

Prevention Techniques:

  • Preparing the property so it does not attract crime
  • Develop applicant screening procedures
  • Warning signs of illegal activity
  • Actions to take if illegal activity is discovered on the property
  • Posted rules at the front desk
  • Assigning highly visible rooms to suspicious guests

Proven Management Techniques:

  • On-going management
  • Spotting illegal activity
  • Working with police
  • How to become a pro-active property manager and empower employees
  • Crisis resolution
  • Maintaining trespass logs
  • Keeping the legitimate users and abusers apart

Property Protection:

  • C.P.T.E.D. (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design)
  • Inspection of Property (provided by Community Services at no cost)

Participating Properties:

College Hills West


Nueva Vista

River Pointe

Cedar Crest- Southwest, Sherwood, 29th

Resort @ Riverside

Bellagio @ Sunset


New Bella

San Angelo Lodge

El Patio

All PHA owned properties- 170+ Houses and  Desert Shadows Apts

For more information contact (325) 481-2709.