Citizens Online Police Reports

 Video Example: How to File an Online Report




 DESK DUTY OFFICER (DDO) 325.481.2926

(DDO Hours: Monday - Friday  0800 AM - 5:00 PM)


The men and women of the San Angelo Police Department would like to say thank you for choosing to make an online report. By making an online report you become part of helping to keep more patrol officers available so they can respond rapidly to emergency calls for service.


  • The crime you are reporting is currently in progress. 
  • The suspect who committed the crime is still on scene.
  • You are reporting a crime which did not occur within the San Angelo City Limits.


Before you begin your report please read the following information about what can and what cannot be reported online.



  • Violent Crimes - Family Violence, Assaults where there is injury, Kidnapping, Robbery, etc.
  • Sex Crimes - Rape, Sexual Assault, etc.
  • Stolen Vehicles
  • Stolen Firearms
  • Lost or Stolen License Plates
  • Traffic Accidents
  • Child Abuse





The Texas Penal Code 37.08 specifies that it is a Class B misdemeanor to file a false police report


NOTE: Before selecting a link below and beginning the online report, please download any relevant documents and/or photos so they can be attached to your online report. (20MB max.)


  • Theft:  Your property with a value less than $2,500.00 is taken without your permission. If property was taken from a motor vehicle, this is not a theft, please use "Vehicle Burglary" to report this crime instead. Firearms cannot be reported stolen via online reporting and neither can materials which are hazardous to public safety (i.e. explosives, or highly toxic substances).
  • Simple Assault: Simple assault consist of unwanted contact which does not rise to the level of injury (i.e. pain, visible injuries, or the need for medical treatment). It also includes threats to commit an assault which does not involve serious injury (i.e. threats to fight someone). (e.g. A person is threatening to do bodily harm to another person and apparently has the capability of completing the harm.)
  • Garage Burglary: Burglary of an open garage. (e.g. a person(s) came into an unlocked garage and took some tools.) 
  • Criminal Mischief (Vandalism):  The act of changing, modifying, or defacing public or private property where the property value is less than $2,500.00 and it does not involve a cemetery, school, place of worship, or institute of higher education. (e.g. Graffiti, knocked over mailbox, throwing a rock through a window, etc.)
  • Harassment:  Phone calls, text messaging, or cyberbullying on Social Media where the harassing party persists in their efforts, the Social Media site owners fails or refuses to take action, or the harassing party makes a threat that cannot be taken lightly (i.e. Threat of violence).
  • Lost Property Reports: When property (NOT FIREARMS) is missing or lost. (i.e. Property that is missing, leaving items in a restaurant, or property is missing from home.)
  • Identity Theft:  Obtaining someone else's personal identifying information and using it to obtain credit, goods, or services. (e.g. Someone obtains a credit card using your S.S.N. or obtains phone service using your personal information.)
  • Debit Card/Credit Card Abuse: Unauthorized use of credit or debit cards. (e.g. An unauthorized charge appears on your credit card statement.) If you have physical evidence (i.e. receipts, credit card statements) please attach copies of the evidence documents to the online report.



Online Report Approval Process


Once you submit your report it will need to be reviewed and approved by a police officer before you will be able to obtain an official report from the Records Division.

Print Report Information - If you would like a printed copy of your unapproved report, you must print the report at the time of submission. If you choose to print the report at that time, this report will NOT be an “official” report.

Follow-up information - The police officer reviewing your report may send you an email requesting additional information that is needed before the report can be approved. Please ensure you provide a valid email address on the submission form for email notifications and correspondence.

Rejected Reports - The police officer reviewing your report may reject your report if for some reason the report is not able to be submitted online. If the report is rejected any follow-up will require a complete re-submission of the online report.

Approved Reports – Once the report is approved by a police officer it will take a minimum of 3 business days before you can obtain an official report from the Records Division.


For more information on obtaining a Police Report click here.